Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Annika on the flute

This painting is one in my music series.  My daughter Annika was my model for this picture.  I enjoyed working on reflections in the water.  Also allowing her toe to reflect the light just before it hits the water.  Also with the bridge running across the painting I didn't want it to push the eye out of the painting, so the bridge is darker near her and as it goes out it lightens up.

Street Tiger

                                                   Painting size 14 x 30
If you ever got a chance to see a spay artist do his magic you know how fun it is to watch.  This man was working on his painting in Winnipeg MB.  We were visiting family and went to the Grand Forks and got to see this being done.  The evening shadows added to the charm of this scene. I really worked on getting a lot of color in the cans to allow them to be the secondary subject of this painting.

Blue Bird

Painting size 16 x 20

I thought all along that this was a blue bird, but now I am unsure.  If you know what bird this is
 you could let me know.  This picture was inspired by an old door in Potter County Pa.  I loved the 
chipping paint and the old rustic look.  Something about birds are fun to paint.  The background
of this painting has some orange in it to compliment the blue of the bird and make him steal the show.

Gum Ball Machine

                                                        Painting size 16 x 20

This painting was a lot of fun to paint.  I actually painted it during some of the long winter months.  Whenever I would sit down to work at it it would bring a smile to my face,  This painting allowed me to play around with color.  I tried to float the strong colors around in the chrome as well as the gum balls.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Night Life

                                                              16 x 25
  I'm thinking it would be cool to take up the saxophone. I loved this guys expression and how you almost feel his music.  Think of a warm evening by the water.  The city in this painting is Columbus Ohio. 

The Soul Sings

                                                                19x28                                                                                    Here is another painting in my music series.  Jackie is a very gifted singer and I have enjoyed listening to her make music come alive.  When I took this picture she was actually singing one of my mothers favorite songs. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


     Here is a picture that came about when I found this hat at a shop.  The hat is a vintage hat.  I really liked it and wanted to paint it.  My sister-in-law Anna was willing to model for me.   She did a great job.